Canadian rapper Drake has just released a new music video for his new single Toosie Slide. The song was released on April 3, 2020. The video was recorded all through Drake’s home and included him doing the “Toosie Slide” dance.

Drake uncovered the song’s release date alongside its spread workmanship two days before its official release:

Toosie Slide Video & Track Info
Video Assistant: Kevin Wu (Artjail)
Video Colorist: Clinton Homuth
Video Coordinator: Alison Maxwell
Video Executive Producer: Leslie McCartney
Video Finishing Company: Artjail
Video Producer: Caitlin Schooley & Christian Tyler
Video Editor: Theo Skudra
Video Assistant Editor: Ashton Lewis
Vfx Technician: Matthew Beecraft
VFX Supervisor: Hudson Kenny
Vfx Company: Dynamic Effects Collective
Video Production Assistant: Jade-Elie Pascual & Kit Weyman
Video Drone Operator: Tristan Clarke-McMurchy
Video Loader: Tristan Clarke-McMurchy
Video B Cam: Ali Khurshid
Video Production Coordinator: Alex Dall’Orso
Video Cinematography: Theo Skudra
Video Production Company: Colossale
Video Director: Theo Skudra