Green Eggs & Ham by Princess Nokia Lyrics

Green eggs & ham
Sam, I am
I'm the man
With the plan
Toast and jam
Sunny D
You and me
Socks on feet

Love my inner child, Kool-Aid smile
I been like this for a while
Going into town, gonna find a crowd
Right by the kids in the park with the style
Swing till it's dark, hit the block
Run from the cops, don't get knocked
By these opps
F**k these cops
F**k these cops
F**k these cops
Looking for the fun, can you blame me?
Like to make jokes, but they think that I'm crazy
I know I'm perfect the way that God had made me
And I thank my parents for the life they gave me
Have you told your parents that you loved them lately?
I look like my mama in the 1980's
If I been bad, well, please forgive me
I remember when my granny used to hit me
Public school and two Thanksgivings
Purple corduroys with the matching ribbons
Lil' puffy jacket and the T-shirt gilded

Wake up in the morning
Look into the fridge
Grab some eggs out
Breakfast it is
I'm still a kid, but kids are fun
Nice cup of OJ, orange and sun

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Frying pan in my hand
Green eggs and some ham
Yes, I'm Sam, I am
Yes, I'm Sam, I am

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About Green Eggs & Ham

"Green Eggs & Ham" is the rap song by electro hop, emo rap, hip hop rapper, singer, song writer "Princess Nokia". "Green Eggs & Ham" (1:46 min) song was released on February 23, 2020 through Platoon and under ℗© 2020: Princess Nokia Inc.

Green Eggs & Ham is written by Princess Nokia and is produced by Adam Pallin.

The song Green Eggs & Ham is available in Digital Mp3 Download and Streaming formats on music online shopping store Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon Music & on online music streaming site Spotify.