Focused by John Legend Lyrics

Oh, you know I got a lot of food for thought on my plate, mmm
You won't believe all of the people tryin' to get in my face, mmm
Not to mention all the ladies trying to take your place, ayy, woah
But you know that my attention never drifted away

'Cause I'm focused
Yeah, I'm focused on you
I'm focused
Yeah, yeah, I'm focused on you

Hey, everybody has their days when the work feels like chains
When you're tryna shake it up and it still looks the same
Oh, but I know I'm coming home to you, so I can't complain, no, no
When I walk through the door, all the world melts away

And I just focus, mmm
I focus on you
Woo, hoo
I just focus, mmm
I focus on you

When the world gets heavy
When the days are long
Oh, you keep me steady
And you make me strong
When the train is speedin'
I keep holding on
I won't let it shake me
I won't let it break me, no, no

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I'm just focused
Yeah, I'm focused on you, mmm
I just focus, mmm
I focus on you

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About Focused

"Focused" is the (r&b) 10th track by pop, r&b, soul singer, song writer, record producer "John Legend" from John Legend's 7th studio album Bigger Love. "Focused" (3:02 min) song was released on June 19, 2020 through Columbia Records and under (P) 2020 John Legend Music, Columbia Records & Sony Music Entertainment.

Focused is written by Teddy Geiger, Wayne Hector, Nate Mercereau, John Legend and is produced by Nate Mercereau, Ricky Reed.

The song "Focused" by John Legend is available in Digital Mp3 Download and Streaming formats on music online shopping store Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon Music & on online music streaming site Spotify.