Speak by Jhené Aiko Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh
Ooh, ah-ah

Woke up this mornin', heart was beating out my chest
So excited, realizin'
That you aren't here to judge me, no one to impress
I decided that I liked it, yeah

I'm movin' on, I'm puttin' on my favorite dress
The one you hated, said I look naked in
F**k your opinion 'bout it, I'm feelin' my best
I won't hide it, and besides that

Look how the sun rises without our asking
Shinin' with so much passion
Light just for us to bask in
Love shouldn't be for our keepin'
I'll celebrate my freedom, I'm gon' speak up

Speak from my heart, baby
Speak from my soul, sugar
Say what you want, lady
Act like you know who you are
Speak from your gut, honey
Say what you want, my love
Be who you wanna be
Speak, speak, speak, speak
Be free

I'm movin' on, I'm puttin' on my favorite dress
The one you hated, said I look naked in

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Free, yeah-yeah, yeah
Be free, my love
Be free
Free, free
Now I'm movin' on, I'm free
I'm movin' on, I'm puttin' on my free
I'm movin' on, I'm puttin' on my free
I'm movin' on, I'm puttin' on my free
I'm movin' on, I'm puttin' on my free

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About Speak

"Speak" is the (r&b) 4th track by alternative r&b, hip hop, neo soul, pop singer, song writer "Jhené Aiko" from Jhené Aiko's 3rd studio album Chilombo. "Speak" (3:05 min) song was released on March 6, 2020 through Def Jam Recordings and under ℗© 2020 Def Jam Recordings & UMG Recordings, Inc.

Speak is written by Jhené Aiko, Mac Robinson, Brian Warfield, LEJKEYS and is produced by LEJKEYS, The Fisticuffs.

The song Speak is available in Digital Mp3 Download and Streaming formats on music online shopping store Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon Music & on online music streaming site Spotify.