Covid Mansion by Hopsin Lyrics

Right now, I'm in Thailand
Quarantined, it's a foreign scene
Can't go to the airport and leave
And I thought my old life was boring, geez
'Scuse me, I'm 'bout to bang my forehead on the floor and scream
The dude I'm staying with's annoying
How much f**king torture can boredom be?
Take my ass to the morgue in peace! (Look bitch)

It's 2020, I was preparing some new bombs
And making sure that my competition gon' put a noose on (Woo)
My aggression ain't really a subtle nuance
I been in the game ten years, how can I do wrong? (Hey)
Who's on what I'm on? I'm savage as usual
I'm back in the booth, I have rappers to poop on (Yeah)
Now there just ain't many plans I can move on
All because someone ate bat soup in Wuhan (What?)
Well shit, that's what I heard
I don't know what it was mixed with (I don't know)
But for someone to jeopardize everyone's life
Man, it must have been f**king delicious (For real)
This shit is f**king ridiculous
Can't be with my son or my siblings, the government trippin'
My pussy appointments with dozens of bitches are cancelled
Now guess what I'm tuggin' my dick with? (What?)
"My right hand", (Ooh)
When I get a tingle inside of my penis, I'm like, "Hi, my friend" (Hi)
And you know the lotion is sitting on, "My nightstand" (Hey)
And when I finish my business, I go to "Night-night Land"
And now I gotta take a weapon gettin' groceries (Yeah)
Hopefully motherf**kers know to back away forty feet
Don't be jokingly mingling if you happen to notice me (No)
I ain't f**kin' with none of you niggas 'til the 'Rona leave (Ugh)

Get back (Hey)
Move back, step back
Y'all better not touch me, ayy
Get back (Come on)
Move back, step back
Y'all better not touch me (Ugh)
I done been told y'all niggas, back up (Move)
You don't wanna see me call backup (No)
So get back (Hey)
Move back, step back
Y'all better not touch me

We all at home, we campin' out (F**k this)
I notice everybody made a TikTok, oh, we dancin' now (Yah)
And I see about four, five, six hundred new hoes made a OnlyFans account
Get your money girl, better get your dough (Yeah, flash them titties one time)
This ain't funny girl, you finna be broke (You don't wanna be a broke bitch)
Somebody told me it was the 5G towers
And everybody's immunity spiraling downward
And if it's true, fight the power, the time is now
I gotta divide the crowd from the mindless cowards
I know y'all love when I recite some foul words
Especially during the COVID-19 outburst
And I got nothing better to do
Evidence proves, I been spending hours live on IG, wowzers
Wait, hold up, wait, that's strange
I sent a text, why you ignoring me? (You ignoring me)
Hmm, I know you got time to reply
Bitch, don't even lie, 'cause you in the quarantine
Yeah, I know how you do (Yeah)
You with your boo (Yeah)
You treatin' my feelings so morbidly
After this song drop, bitch, I'm blocking you
Don't be surprised when you text and it's going green (Ha!)
How do we deal with a worldwide corruption?
I don't know if the media is hyping up shit
Look at the situation our life is stuck in
I got no toilet paper to wipe my butt with (Ugh)
Whoever did this is on Hopsin's shit list
God forbid, the world get's apocalyptic
Well it is soon, look at all the odds against it
So don't touch me without my permission (Ugh)

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Get back (Hey)
Move back, step back
Y'all better not touch me, ayy
Get back (Come on)
Move back, step back
Y'all better not touch me (Ugh)
I done been told y'all niggas, back up (Move)
You don't wanna see me call backup (No)
So get back (Hey)
Move back, step back
Y'all better not touch me (Move)

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About Covid Mansion

"Covid Mansion" is the covid-19, rap song by alternative hip hop, hip hop, horrorcore rapper, song writer, actor, record producer "Hopsin". "Covid Mansion" (3:31 min) song was released on April 21, 2020 through Undercover Prodigy and under ℗ 2020 Undercover Prodigy.

Covid Mansion is written by Hopsin and is produced by Hopsin.

The song Covid Mansion is available in Digital Mp3 Download and Streaming formats on music online shopping store Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon Music & on online music streaming site Spotify.

"Covid Mansion" is about COVID-19, toward the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, it was theorized that it began from a bat soup from a creature nourishment advertise in Wuhan. The principle reason was that individuals began spreading bogus data with recordings of Asian individuals eating bats, nonetheless, recordings weren't shot in Wuhan and some weren't recorded in China.

The Lancet, one of the most seasoned clinical diaries, distributed an announcement from researcher from 9 nations in which they ignored bits of gossip about bat soup being the cause of the infection:

We stand together to emphatically censure paranoid ideas recommending that COVID-19 doesn't have a characteristic source..

Implies the ongoing discussions with paranoid notions that says that coronavirus is associated with the ongoing radio towers that help 5G portable systems.

Individuals began having confidence in the hypotheses, spreading the gossipy tidbits and some have even taken it without anyone else to take care of business. In London, a man set a radio pinnacle ablaze, which filled nauseate among researchers in England and the world. Overall researchers and doctors guarantee there is none proof connecting infection to radio towers:

I’m absolutely outraged, absolutely disgusted, that people would be taking action against the very infrastructure that we need to respond to this health emergency – Stephen Powis, medical director of the National Health Service in England

To be concerned that 5G is somehow driving the COVID-19 epidemic is just wrong – Dr. Jonathan Samet, dean of the Colorado School of Public Health