Machine Bitez #8 by Gorillaz Lyrics

It's a number, isn't it? You know, it's just a number, you know and people are scared of this number. It's just a number!

But what about Octavian?

Where did he get that name from?

From uh, Romulus and Remus.



You could be in a tunnel


Sometimes the light is the end of the tunnel.


Sometimes it's just a train.

Wow! I'll tell you what though, that must have been a...

As soon as you said tunnel there was a train!

That's right.

It's always impu– important to remember that every day can be beautiful if you want it to be.


I think it's about your perception, don't you think?

And- and– and every day starts in the dark.

That's right.

And ends in the dark.

Ah man.

That's right.

But in the middle there is light.

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Machine Bitez #8 Music Tracks

  • Gorillaz | Machine Bitez #8 with 2D, Murdoc & Russel

    Source: YouTube Channel: Gorillaz


  • Machine Bitez #8

    Source: Spotify


  • Gorillaz – Machine Bitez #8

    Source: iTunes


About Machine Bitez #8

"Machine Bitez #8" is the non-music, skit song by alternative rock, art pop, electronic, hip hop, trip hop band "Gorillaz". "Machine Bitez #8" (June 8, 2020 min) song through Parlophone Records Ltd and under ℗© 2020 Jamie Hewlett, Damon Albarn, Warner Music Group & Parlophone Records Ltd.

Machine Bitez #8 is written and produced by Gorillaz and distributed by Warner Music Group.

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