Cyan by Ellie Goulding Lyrics

I only knew I would be the strongest version
Of what I was first given
The strongest dose of the love I was given
Sometimes I had to trample with tears in my eyes
Over the things I knew I couldn't help
Until I was strong enough to carry them with me instead
A route with pain, a route with joy
There should be no delusion of that magnitude
So know the truth
I am not locked in my bones
I've been changed forever
And it makes the love you're given change too
(How deep is too deep?)

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About Cyan

"Cyan" is the (alternative, interlude, pop, spoken word) 4th track by electropop, folktronica, indie pop, synth-pop singer, song writer "Ellie Goulding" from Ellie Goulding's 4th studio album Brightest Blue. "Cyan" (0:57 min) song was released on July 17, 2020 through Polydor Records and under ℗© 2020 Polydor Limited.

Cyan is written by Starsmith, Jim Eliot, Joe Kearns, Ellie Goulding and is produced by Jim Eliot, Starsmith, Joe Kearns.

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