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We're now going to progress to some steps which are a bit more difficult
Ready, set, and begin
Bighit exclusive, exclusive

매일 돌아가 본다고 그때의 나로
포기를 선택한 삶으로 날 놓아본다고
But 세상에는 있지 변하지 않는 몆 진실
시간은 앞으로 흐른다는 것
만약은 없단 것
까마득해질 만하면 생각나 그 시절
악마의 손길과 운명의 recall
궁금해 아직도 왜 다시 불렀는지도
매일 ask me, guess it, 채찍, repeat, oh
변할 건 없다며 결국 또
걱정을 억지로 잠궈, close
How much love? How much joy?
위안을 주며 stay calm, alone

그래 I don't care, 전부 내
운명의 선택, so we're here
내 앞을 봐, the way is shinin'
Keep goin' now
(Ready, set, and begin)

그 길로, 길로, 길로
Wherever my way
오직 ego, ego, ego
Just trust myself

(2 Cool, 2 Cool 4 Skool)
문득 스쳐가는 j-hope이 아닌 정호석의 삶, hmm
희망이란 없고 후회만 가득했겠지 'til I die
(2 Cool, 2 Cool 4 Skool)
춤은 뜬 구름을 잡을 뿐 나의 꿈을 탓할 뿐
살아 숨쉬는 거에 의문을
Oh my God (God, God, God)
Uh, time goes by
7년의 걱정이 드디어 입 밖으로
모두 해소되는 핍박
가장 믿던 그들의 답은 내 심장으로
하나뿐인 hope, 하나뿐인 soul
하나뿐인 smile, 하나뿐인 너
세상 그 진실에 확실해진 답
변하지 않는 그 어떤 나, right

이제 I don't care, 전부 내
운명의 선택, so we're here
내 앞을 봐, the way is shinin'
Keep goin' now
(Ready, set, and begin)

그 길로, 길로, 길로
Wherever my way
오직 ego, ego, ego
Just trust myself

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믿는 대로 가는 대로 (그 길로, 길로, 길로)
운명이 됐고 중심이 됐어 (Wherever my way)
힘든 대로 또 슬픈 대로 (오직 ego, ego, ego)
위로가 됐고 날 알게 됐어 (Just trust myself)
Map of the Soul, map of the all (Map of the Soul)
That's my ego, that's my ego
Map of the Soul, map of the all
That's my ego, that's my ego (Map of the Soul)

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About Outro: Ego

"Outro: Ego" is the (k-pop (케이팝), pop) 19th track by edm, hip hop, k-pop, r&b band "BTS" from BTS's 4th studio album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7. "Outro: Ego" (3:16 min) song was released on February 21, 2020 through Bighit Entertainment and under ℗© 2020 Bighit Entertainment.

Outro: Ego is written by J-Hope and is produced by J-Hope, Supreme Boi, Hiss Noise.

The song Outro: Ego is available in Digital Mp3 Download and Streaming formats on music online shopping store Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon Music & on online music streaming site Spotify.

As indicated by Carl Jung, the "EGO" is to a great extent liable for sentiments of personality and coherence speaking to the cognizant psyche as it involves the musings, recollections, and feelings an individual knows about.

j-trust reveals to us that consistently he is helped to remember his past. Enthusiastically or not, his ego brings him out traveling through a world of fond memories. He returns to his past, the occasions when he contemplated surrendering, the occasions when he was all the while battling and was loaded with weaknesses and self-question, those were times that are instilled in his mind and he continues attempting to accommodate. He takes note of that "time surges ever forward", and "there are facts unaltered" implying that he can't take care of things that had just occurred.

The "EGO" is additionally the nearest to the genuine self so regularly individuals misconstrue self-distinguishing proof with the "EGO" rather than the real self. They see their "EGO" and go about as though they have accomplished self seeing yet in reality they have dismissed the oblivious piece of themselves that they despite everything don't comprehend.