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이젠 너무 선명해졌어
저 환호 속의 낯선 그림자
아마 다신 믿을 수 없을
좋은 것만 보고 듣잔 말
고요한 너의 슬픔이
나를 흔들어
조용한 나의 바다에
파도가 일곤 해

Louder than bombs, I break (Ah)
쏟아지는 아픔들 (Ah)
네가 지었던 그 표정이
그 표정이 아니란 걸 안 그때부터
Louder than bombs, I break (Oh, oh, oh)

Baby, I’m nothin’er than nothin’
Brighter than the light
Don’t you want a thing from me
But you say I’m somethin’er than somethin’
Brighter than the light
Don’t you give up your life
Here I stay, pray
Just for better days
Everyday a maze
Wonder if this is my place

Where’s my way?
계속 흔들리는 ground
홀로 무너지는 중 mute
Louder than bombs, yeah
I want to tell you 어둠은 말야
어디라도 있단 걸 두려워 말아
어떤 밤이 날 삼켜도 난 포기하진 않아
널 위한 fight, we’ll shine

너와 난 다 함께 느껴
슬픔과 고통
우연한 게 절대 아냐
Yeah, we picked this game

Louder than bombs, I say
세상 앞에 말할게
너를 외면했던 시간
자꾸 도망쳤던 나날 이제 더는 없어
Louder than bombs, I say

사람들은 뭐 우리가 부럽대
내가 가진 pain 위선이라고 해
No matter what I do 똥밭에 구르네
우리가 아니면 그래 누가 할 건데?
사람들은 뭐 우리가 부럽대
내가 가진 pain 위선이라고 해
No matter what I do 똥밭에 구르네
우리가 아니면 그래 누가 할 건데?

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Louder than bombs, I sing (Oh, oh, oh)
너와 내게 약속해 (Oh, oh, oh)
어떤 파도가 덮쳐도
우린 끝없이 널 향해 노래할 거라고
Louder than bombs, I sing (Oh, oh, oh, oh)

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About Louder than bombs

"Louder than bombs" is the (k-pop (케이팝), pop) 10th track by edm, hip hop, k-pop, r&b band "BTS" from BTS's 4th studio album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7. "Louder than bombs" (3:37 min) song was released on February 21, 2020 through Bighit Entertainment and under ℗© 2020 Bighit Entertainment.

Louder than bombs is written by SUGA, J-Hope, RM, Troye Sivan, Bram Inscore, Allie X, Leland and is produced by Bram Inscore, Leland.

The song Louder than bombs is available in Digital Mp3 Download and Streaming formats on music online shopping store Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon Music & on online music streaming site Spotify.

The expression "louder than bombs… " advances all through this song to recount to an account of development. It starts, here, with louder than bombs, I break. With life's numerous battles, when things self-destruct they self-destruct fiercely. BTS contrast torment with the sound of bombs, something unendurably noisy and dangerous. They state this with a feeling of thrashing, as though the main thing they can do is convey the agony in accommodation.