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"Wonder" is the (pop) 4th studio album by pop, pop folk, pop rock Canadian singer Shawn Mendes. The album was released on December 4, 2020 through Shawn Mendes LP4-5 PS / Island and under ℗ © 2020 Island Records & UMG Recordings, Inc.

The album "Wonder" is available in digital download and streaming formats on music online shopping store Apple Music/iTunes , Amazon Music & on online music streaming site Spotify.

Wonder Tracklist

# Tracks Duration
2. Wonder 2:52
3. Higher 2:40
4. 24 Hours 2:30
5. Teach Me How To Love 3:22
6. Shawn Mendes 2:51
7. Dream 3:34
8. Song for No One 3:11
9. Monster by Shawn Mendes & Justin Bieber 2:59
10. 305 3:09
11. Always Been You 2:47
12. Piece Of You 2:55
13. Look Up At The Stars 3:31
14. Can't Imagine 2:29

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About "Wonder"

On September 30, 2020, fans saw that Shawn had changed each of his Social platforms designs prior to tweeting a mysterious message:

He then tweeted a connection to a virtual 3D website of a condo with what seemed, by all accounts, to be clues and easter-eggs to another album. At one point, a set-list with a few unreleased song titles was obvious. A couple of hours after the fact, Shawn took to social media to affirm the album title, cover workmanship, and release date.

Wonder Album Info
Genre: Pop
Primary Artists: Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber & -2 more
Duration: 39:51
Label: Shawn Mendes LP4-5 PS / Island
Copyright: ℗ © 2020 Island Records & UMG Recordings, Inc