About MP3skull

MP3skull (https://mp3skull.net.co) is iTunesAmazon & eBay music affiliate website, where we promote all kind of music on behalf of music artists through this website.

MP3skull never provides direct download/access of any mp3/audio, video (media). This is to know that all of audios, videos or other digital media are not hosted in MP3skull they are embedded from third party website like; iTunesSpotifyYouTubeSoundcloud, etc .

MP3skull provides song’s audios, videos with the details, affiliate links, news about the artist & songs, reviews of songs & albums and artists profile as well.

MP3skull is founded/powered by music enthusiastic personalities to promote world wide music and to dominate thousands of illegal online music/mp3 download/pirated websites. Where our team strive for accuracy on providing music details, news, reviews and other information but on occasion we make mistakes. To make a complaint against of our mistakes please don’t hesitate to contact @ [email protected]